Dannielle is absolutely the best!  I went to her for both Permanent Makeup AND Eyelash Extensions and she did a fabulous job on both!  I can’t tell you how happy I am with her services, and she was so patient and informative!  I HIGHLY recommend her and Las Vegas Brow Studio!

THANK YOU Danielle for your body sculpting help!  I have been searching for both a professional who can help me in this area, that is trustworthy and with a process that actually works, and you peformed!   Can’t thank you enough, and I will be back for more treatments!

I have a tattoo that I love, which is located in a visible area of my hand and needed coverage for a special event, so I went to Las Vegas Brow Studio and Dannielle did a great job covering it! I was able to comfortably go to this meeting with coverage that I felt was undetectable and, it was!  Thank you.